Prashant Gami

Founder & CEO - xenabler

I met Sowmya in 2012 when she was the CTO and Founder at Leilo. She consulted on a project with us at the time. Her passion for technology and cutting edge trends becomes evident when you meet her. She managed a company single handedly for almost two years without VC investment which is commendable.

She believes in mentorship driven leadership and cares deeply about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at workforces.

Sowmya offers a perfect blend of technology, collaboration and communication that makes working with her an absolute pleasure. She has delivered great quality products with minimal development time and effort and saved us considerable costs.

Her ability to hold on to her high ideals and work ethics is something I have always admired. I foresee us collaborating with each other in many more years to come.

Simon Bittner

Founder & CEO - Groots

Sowmya isn't just an extremely proficient Kotlin engineer, which, at her level of experience, should be a given - but also a great team player with lead qualities. We enjoyed working with her at Groots a lot.

Though freelancing, Sowmya was very naturally invested in matters beyond programming, such as identifying and selecting engineers, workplace diversity and integration and other organisational matters. Really someone you want around your team!

Bastian Klenow

Head of UX at Groots

During our work together I got to know and appreciate Sowmya as an open, active and technically well-versed colleague. I am particularly grateful for her support throughout the entire process, from constructive feedback in the planning phase to the outstanding technical implementation.

Sowmya shared ideas with joy and in the group, she was a driving force for accessibility and especially all social aspects that a digital product can accommodate. I am sure that future companies who have the pleasure of working with Sowmya will receive a value-oriented and professional addition.

Anna Morgiel

Android Dev at ImmobilienScout

Organiser at WomenTechmakers

Sowmya is a competent Senior Android Engineer with a decade of Android experience and several of experience in IT overall. Having highly advanced Software Development skills, she handles any given issue or a complex architectural decision and communicates it well with others.

As an active member of Android community, Sowmya shares knowledge by writing blogposts, giving Android talks and mentoring junior developers, so the value she brings to the company goes beyond the technical contributions.

Jens Dressler

ex CTO - Fanmiles

Founder and CEO at Graph.io

Sowmya is a passionate Android developer who is always eager to learn and progress. She developed the early versions of the Fanmiles Android app on a tight schedule by herself. She also loves to share knowledge and get people excited about Android which she showed by hosting an event for Android newbies. She is a great colleague and team-player and I was really happy to have her in my team.

Ella Katajisto

ex Student at HTW

Full stack engineer at Frameright

Sowmya is a passionate and driven mentor with a strong sense for equality. While working with her she gave our group freedom to make our own decisions while also being there for us. We didn't jump directly into designing our product, because she placed great value on doing user- and market research to find out whether or not our product is needed, which was a great experience as a student. She challenged us to think further and to question why we are doing this as we were. Overall it was a great experience from which I learned a lot! :)