I am a part of the special team involved in maintaining and refactoring the most challenging parts of the HelloFresh app. My responsibility involves identifying code smells, suggesting better architectural changes that are easily maintainable. In just less than three months we have been able to refactor and deliver the key features that were suffering from legacy issues.


Least Authority

Least Authority is a company working to advance digital security and preserving privacy as a fundamental human right.

I worked on the Open source project which was a research Android App which was used to implement a peer to peer file using the transfer on the internet by connecting to a node server on a local machine and making a trusted connection. The type of solution was attempted for the first time to cover all security loopholes, have secure https connection between the peers and avoid Man-In-The-Middle attacks. The app was approved by the best Security auditor firm in this market.


Groots- TabTap Shop

TabTap shop is an app for small shop owners to manage all their bookkeeping needs.🧾 Shop owners fill out a survey once in a while about the grid status. This data is valuable to understanding and analysing their needs in countries like Nigeria, Malawi, Bolivia etc.

As a senior developer, my role was to build and provide expertise on the do's and don'ts of #Android app development, to implement a sustainable app that is easy to maintain with almost no legacy code. We followed good developer practices and profiled the code regularly for bugs and crashes. As a result, we could build a stable app with clean architecture keeping development and maintenance time to minimal.

Groots- TabTap Terminal

TabTap terminal app is used to track user's feedback and surveys and provider a comprehensive data overview of the transactions that are paid out to the users for their surveys. It is a POS terminal app installed at shops to collect data from customers. The app is in React Native and has been rolled out recently.


Worked with Novoda to help them build a fitness app for one of the leading personal fitness influencer in the UK.

Actio - Yoga and Fitness App

Actio is a coaching companion app, helping you get a little bit better every day. Live classes taught by real talent across several well-being fields — that’s how we’re making self-improvement fun.

This app was built in React Native for Android and iOS using Twilio's video streaming SDK.


Fanmiles - Digital Wallet app

Started the app from scratch and worked on building and maintaining the product for almost two years.

The team was a cross functional team working in an Agile setup. We used Build - Measure - Iterate product lifecycle.

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Mobius Demo

As the only Android Developer Consultant I built the initial versions of Mobius Demo App for demonstrating the capabilities of cutting edge completely offline Computer Vision Technology on Android using CPUs and GPUs separately.

The Demo app used the Computer Vision Android SDK built using TensorLite.

Quandoo - Restaurant Management app

Worked with a team of six members in an Agile setup.

We used 15 day sprint cycles to release and continuously integrate the development and release cycles for thousands of restaurant owners/managers across the globe.

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Weshare - (UMI - Volkswagen AG)

Bluewin News App for TV (Swisscom)

Tirol Guide App


At Mirafra Technologies, I worked on the research team to integrate Android bluetooth, IOT devices and hybrid apps in Automobiles.

I also worked on a Ruby on Rails app for internal Sales management.

Myntra's Logistics App

I worked on building initial versions of Myntra's delivery management application where I was the sole consultant on this app.

I delivered the MVP in six months and integrated three different types of POS card readers like Eztap with the Android app.

Founder and CTO - Leiilo

As a CTO and Co founder I built and led a team of 4 engineers who were also Co-founders. We built a marketplace for goods with short lifecycles from solopreneurs similar to Etsy.

We used Woocommerce for store and the company sunset because of the challenging logistics problem in Bengaluru city.

Water Therapy

A product of AFS Ad media which was built from the knowledge of age old Water Therapy techniques.

The client was a Head of a popular Hospital whose research in this area was promising.


Worked on Citigroup's major banking clients for their 'bank account opening project' - Concierge for Long Island city branch for three years.