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Transitioning from Developer To Entrepreneur

In my talk, I shared my reasons for going solo and my experience as to how it changed my life. I am now able to have more time for myself, flexible working hours/days and end up making way, way more than before. I will be sharing how you can work from anywhere as little as possible and be able to find that balance and fulfilment by becoming independent. Because we all know time is everything! 


Learning To Program (Faster) Sustainably

I spoke about how you can get better at programming faster using some learning methods. Along with acquiring technical skills by practice one needs to adapt to a new mindset while learning. In my talk I shared some tips and tricks and the secret recipe to continuously program and develop learning skills without burning out.

Influencing Diversity

Influencing Diversity

A call for women in tech to influence diversity at workplaces. I cover the reason as to why everyone should be diversity advocates. In this talk I also share about the implicit bias we possess and how allyship works.

Pair Programming

Pair Programming

As far as I have noticed, there are mainly two reactions among devs to Pair Programming. One of love or hate. I finally decided to dissect the problem and address the elephant in the room. For a dev of any level initially, the idea could be quite daunting. Pair programming is a skill that can be developed just like any other skill. In my talk I will be touching topics that explain - Why pair programming is not as hard as it sounds and how to pair program to get maximum benefit out of it.

Android Studio 3.5

What's new in Android Studio 3.5 Beta?

A talk about what's latest in Android Studio 3.5 Beta at the berlindroid meetup.

I covered topics like newly released tips and tools for Android development.

Git Basics

Git Basics

Git is a powerful version control tool and is one of the most popularly used in Software development.

In this talk I introduced Git to the audience and explain its history, terminologies and using commands in Git to version control their projects.

Good Android Developer Practices

Good Android Developer Practices

The tech talk was presented as a part of Women's Day celebration at blrdroid meetup. It covered some tips about good developer practises to keep in mind while developing Android apps.

MVVM + Data Binding

MVVM + Data Binding in Android

A tech talk and code walkthrough of how to use - Data Binding along with MVVM architecture in Android.

The talk consisted of a brief explanation of how the synergy between the two works with the new advanced MVVM architecture.

Prototyping presentation

Secrets to learn smarter, memorise more and perform better

Everyone struggles with learning especially once one is outta college learning curve drops if one does not make it a habit.

My talk covered some explanation about the functioning of the brain, the importance of exercise, sleep and stress management to learn smarter, memorise more and as a result perform better in everyday chores.


AS + GM = 🚀

My first ever talk presented at blrdroid Meetup. I introduced the brand new AS 1.0 that was a recent release and how it worked like a charm with Genymotion the then rocket speed emulator.

Intro to Android: Bootcamp

I have held several Android Bootcamps to teach complete beginners about Android Development as an effort to improve gender diversity in tech.