Pair Programming


Programming is not easy. Anyone who has programmed for a few days or even months will agree with me on this. It takes immense mental power to be a programmers. A great deal of self-discipline is a must have to fulfil the role.

In this book, I want to focus on the practice of pair programming.

Chapter 1 Why?

Collaboration fosters creativity.

Problem solving is easy when thought out loud.

Code reviews on the go.

Better Quality code.

Wellness of creatives.

Easy knowledge transition.

Confidence and Satisfaction.

Chapter 2 Pair Programming is a skill

Explaining the benefits of pair programming

Chapter 3 Busting Myths

Chapter 4 Prepare mentally

Mental preparation to start pair programming

Chapter 5 First steps

Chapter 6 Roles of Pair

Chapter 7 - How to pair?

Chapter 8 - Time Management

Chapter 9 - Pair Development

Chapter 10 - Pair Rotation

Chapter 11 - Things to avoid

Chapter 12 - Takeaways