Thank you for being interested in my profile 🙏🏽

I am a consultant Technology Expert and Mobile Specialist based in Berlin. 👩🏻‍💻

Currently, I am the CTO and Founder at Night Owl Labs. 🦉 

A polyglot with 15 years of industry experience building products and a decade building seamless Android apps. I have built more than 32 applications for companies using 8 different tech stacks and 6 programming languages.  💪🏽

As a CTO I helped LÆMON, I led and managed a team of firmware and software engineers to help build innovate products. 🫶🏾

As a lead and Head of Technology, I have helped companies to hire, build, retain, educate and motivate teams to set OKRs to track and achieve KPI driven team goal an organisational goals. 📈   

As a curious engineer and an ardent learner, I strive to bring my several years of expertise to facilitate people to continuously learn in safe environments with collaborative teams.  🚀 

My technological forte involves building delightful apps users love to use that perform seamlessly.  🌟  

I am a DEI and accessibility advocate and I speak about-  Influencing diversity, equity and inclusion at workplaces. 🏳️‍🌈

I am a FOSS enthusiast and a huge believer of Tech For Good! 💚  


I provide a FREE consultation session to learn about your challenges.  Learn about me to understand how I can help... 


CEO & Founder 

Head Of Technology xEnabler



Woman in IT

A brief chat about my journey starting from being engineer in a MNC to moving to startups as project manager, founding my own startup and moving to Berlin Germany.

I also talk about the differences in IT in India and Germany. I also provide some pointers as to what kinda workplaces appeal and makes me stay.

Fun with Friends

Engineer To Entrepreneur | Teresa Holfeld 

As a part of Coder Bee's Anniversary and Women's month 2021 we spoke to some amazing women engineers. 👯‍♀️

Teresa is a friend and a thriving Entrepreneur in the field of App development in Hamburg. She is the founder of Hamburg Coding School and her agency Small and Modern.  Do check out her message for women in IT. 

Seva - Community Work

Coder Bee is a Berlin a community that empowers women and underrepresented folks to transform and sustain in IT.  

Studies show diversity in race, ethnicity, neuro-diversity, seniors and backgrounds create holistic teams that perform considerably better than homogenous teams. 

Let's make IT vibrant! 

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droidcon panel

diverse women folks

droidcon- personal interview

droidcon - Indian women